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5 More Days…till my release from prison…

Awww this avatar is soo sad/cute! I feel sad for the little baby orange…


Now that being a “honest” student, I told my french teacher about her mistake on my grade…and now my french grade is 92%..Still an A but now an A+++…Luckily, I took a picture of that”127.25%” with my cell phone, and it helped to cheer me up, about how smart I was…

I’m having fun writting blog again! too bad I can’t write in my primary language…otherwise I can update my old blog again..

I just watched a JPop MV, its japanese Hip-Hop bangd “RIP SLYME”. The MV itself is a little…R rated, but the music is sooo COOL!! And I can’t help but say that the dancers are really sexy and pretty…the song is really really good..I just can’t find download link-_-.

Now let’s welcome—Nettaiya!!

The weather is actually pretty warm now, today is the last day for seniors, we said goodbye to them and gave our best least that’s what I hoped..

Now I’m really going to work hard next year! I want to get the highest G.P.A in my class so I can say the valedictorian in the graduation!!

I can’t wait to go back to California!!! To taste the ocean, to play with sand, to eat good food, ,to play at amusement park,  and to become myself!!!




Goals? Why not..-ω-

Ice Creams are always good<3 

My favorite Ice Cream flavor is Green Tea. I can’t desceribe how much I love them and how small and expensive they are…T_T

Well, today really is goin got be a work day;;; all my grades are at “dangerous level”

  • Math(I’ll do my best, my grades are always ended up to be at the same place befor efinals..and I never made the one I want it to be..)
  • History(No idea about the chapter test I just taken..I hope it won’t drop..just a teeny bit!!1 please god..please don’t let it drop…and 250 pages of reading are waiting for me now..)
  • English(Oh this is easy)
  • French(…I have a 127.23% now!! because teacher put the decimal in the wrong place…you can’t believe how happy I ws when I checked it..and then it just..)
  • P.E(Weight and Fitness have finals..sounds pretty hard,too..)
  • Biology(Pig dissect!!! cannot wait! I think I’ll get a good biology grade…) life looks so miserable…but the good thing is–Pa dadada~~~

BIG BANG new MV came out to comfort me!!


OMG the song is sooo catchy and cool!!! TOP’s little hairdo is kind werid..but I still love him!!!

I feel blessed, there are always something to make me happy in life

Please enjoy the happiness with me


Eeep Again…

Sometimes Chocolate are really tasty<3

*Sigh* Another day passed…

I did poorly on the math test, I thought I did well, but I got a fairly disappointed grade. I always feel I did well, and it always come out not as well as I thought   -_-.

But the good thing is, I got a 99% on my history project, which bumped up my grade for…2 percent.

And tomorrow is the test…

I feel so miserable right now, what should I do in the future? What major am I going to study? Every major sounds so boring to me, I should try more clubs and test my ability…

NEWS NEWS, BoA’s VIVID PV are out. They are good, those sweet songs are so wonderful for my tired BODY AND SPIRIT…

I guess I should write something more meaningful, so when I look back, I can learn and remeber…

But..Final week are really intense…





  I am finally back…

The finals week are approaching…everyday felts so intens. I promised mom that I will do good this semester, well, I always do good, but not “excellent”…

  I got my next year schedule back, and I went to some sort of “Conflict Arena” thingy since my classes are not really the ones that I choosed. And so I LOST Journalism, well, I’ll go talk to the teacher to see if i can still do Newspaper next next year if I didn’t attend Journalism class. So I got AP European History as elective. Great, another social studies, people must be thinkign that I’m a nerd. Well,,,I got the guts -_-. I can share my classes, since nobody is here yet T_T(Lonely)

  • Chemistry(no honors..)
  • AP Calculus ab
  • AP U.S History
  • AP European History
  • Honors Physics
  • Honors English
  • French

  I guess next year is going to be hard…(Swallowing) >_< plus I’m going to do sports and clubs and other arts and classes…no wonder I’m Asian, those Hard Working type of nerves are still in my blood…

Oh Well, at least today is raining, at least BoA’s new single are coming…at least I can go to California this summer.

I should make some friends…O_O


Eeep…tomorrow is the history exam…I hate those exams, they are sooo hard and I can never answer all the questions correct. -_-

Ewww my hands and legs feels so sticky against the chair, since I have P.E first period, I dont get a chance to take a shower…and when I came back to home I will be lazy to…

Oh well, got to get ready for the exams now!!!


Today is really happy

my goals now are to get 100 on my last math exam, so my name can be appear on the hall of fame…

Just download BoA’s OUTGROW, I think her songs are sooo good in this album. Her album sells are rather low, I believe it’s because people now are downloading songs illegally from the Internet…Guilty guilty..

Mom got cold, so I’ll cook meal tonight, so many things left to do…wahh I’m messed up!!!


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