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Gee..a murdered gummy bear…-O-


Just what can’t happen in this world..even gummy bears are dangerous…-_-


My English suck now, for not using it for 3 months…

I really want to change my junior year schedule, I think I need a elective class…

STUPID school, limited choice and classes are always full

But my FUTURE is in your hands! So better get me into the class I applied for…

Or..there is going to be another gummy bear killer..^________^


Recently, I’ve been into J-Techno(srry I made this phrase up) group Perfume.

They are rather cute girls and the beat are so nice, I found SECRET SECRET from their newest album GAME very very addictive, not only the MV but the song are super duper cooool…

They were kinda like an underground band but rise to fame now…the newest single “love the world” hit #1 on Oricon…

And the first album GAME sold appox. 30K…I guess it’s amazing  job for nwdays..the technology/free downloading world..-0-

I like the girl on the left side..don’t know her name but I think she is the prettiest ❤







Holla dude~I’m a cool pig, I wear sunglasses and I can talk~

I used to love those Korean Nong Shim Bowl Noodles(fast noodles) I love them sooo much that I can eat them all day long…

I’m a big fan of fast noodles, and sometimes I hear people say “OH I used to love those noodles but I ate too much, so now I’m sick of it.” I would go furious about thses statements!!! HOW LUCKY CAN YOU BE? TO EAT THAT MANY NOODLES? TO EAT THAT MUCH NOODLES THAT EVEN MAKES YOU SICK OF IT?


Oh Yea~this is the one I’m in love with…


And I feel sick of it now…I lost the unique taste of this precious noodle…I ate two bowls of them this morning and feel very sleepy.?

I guess my fast food days are over, because I start to eat fruits and veggies

or maybe that’s what adults called “grow ups” . O,.O



 For example, I used to love my rubber duckie…and now I no longer play with it while taking a bath


It’s really a cool duckie, it can float on water and if you squze its bottom, ,it will talk to you “QUAK QUAK QUAK”

I don’t know if I will abandon more of my treasure, like my teddy bear, my formal best friend gave it to me on the first xmas I spend in U.S. I always sleep

with it, OMG now think about it, I’m 16 already and sleep with teddy bear! Quelle Heurre!(I spelled it wrong)

I guess sometimes things are just there, come and go, the only thing that is always with you is your soul( I’m not that deep, I read it from a book)

And I don’t even have a soul, I don’t even know what a soul is, is that your idea? your religion? your hobbies? or your mind?

OMG! I never know someone is always with me, just like a twin sister or something…!!!


Talking nosense is a waste of electricity, time, and energy…



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