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Was I really there?

So the trip is over..huh?

Good time always pass by soooo fast

I feel like I have slept for a long long time

and not wake up yet


Can’t I just die someday during sleep?

It will make everyone happy

For I was not planned to be born

An accident

Yup that’s me

Dont’ get me wrong, its just I’m not planned to be loved

And that’s why I never make anyone happy

I want to eat something, I feel so sad and so hopeless, and there is no food


I guess good days does go fast…-_-

I only like cupcakes when I’m really

hungry…that’s the time when I

forgot how sweet they are…

Look At Me~ I’m a cute little cupcake~

 *If I really see a cupcake as cute as this one..I won’t eat it, I will keep it as my pet*


Sigh…It’s been 3 weeks since the start of the summer break, and 3 weeks of movie, junk food, and computer…

I had many werid dreams because of the books and Korean show I’ve watched

 I start to miss China horribly… I want to see my old friends, eat my grandmother’s cooking, and play with my little brother…

I want to go shopping in the humid, hot weather, that’s how China is like.

I want to walk on the street and say hello to my old neighbors

Oh and INUYASHA is finally over! After 11 years, 56 volumes, I skipped many volumes and read the ending online…it’s very peaceful and nice…Rumiko Takahashi always end story with peace and warm feelings~

I applied my job application at the library, hope I can find something to do~

Back in the old days, when I’m still a student in China, I never feel bored or nothing to do, because there is summer homework and my cousines come to play. Now I feel very lonely, and all I do is dig th ebackyard,  clean the house, cook lunch for my mother..-_-

Look at me~ I’m a sweet chocolate cupcake~

I watched Koda Kumi’s JUICY MV, the song is rather catchy, and the MV is pretty hot, Koda looks really good in smoky eyes and hot clothes~

I watched M:I:III(Mission Impossible) last night, Tom Cruise always play those characters facing harsh conditions and bold/hot blood..

Oh~and Super Junior’s shows are really funny, it’s called “E.H.B Super Junior” you can find it with English Sub on Youtube




Not what I think of..

I’ve always wanted to become a model agent…

Summer was different than what I was hoping it would be…

My actions are too slow,

No job positions left

Many deadlines

Anyway..I’m just stay home and enjoy the silence…

Hope me luck~

I think Ayumi Hamasaki’s MVs are freaky, sometimes~

Her fairyland MV, its kind of scary how the whole place burnt down

Her Ladies Night MV, it gave me creeps how those women robot walks and she is the leader of them..

Her Mirrorcle World, I duno but gave me a mistery feeling

Maybe its because I dont speak Japanese…well enough

But Ayu is really good at acting! I can see her feeling and emotions in her”Mirrorcle World“.

Her music is getting better, more meaningful, and mature.

I hope she can continue her music rode!

Good Luck BoA! You are always my NO.1!

Hope the VIVID sell well…it is already #6 on Oricon Chart…:-(

It’s the end, and It’s the start!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~

Ahaha~ the final is allll over!!!  You dare to let me go

study again?!

Anyways…I did fairely well, ,if I did more history extra credit..I would’ve have a chance to ace it…and math, ,its always the same…i guess it’s a curse, that I can never be perfect on math…and that’s why I borrowed 3 walk-thick math books from library just the day after all the finals. I’m going to review all the lessons I missed(means I didn’t really study hard before). I will have to ace math someday!!!

I didn’t do the biology pig dissection, the piglets are not pink but gray color…freaky and smelly, so I did other things that get me an A…just .47% above the line between B and A…

Now I feel so bored on the first day of summer break…

I guess next week I will be in the mall, looking for job, in hospital, start my volunteer job again, or at home, getting prepared for the next school year, or at YMCA, taking swim lessons, or at the gof course, learning golf, or at someone’s house, learning piano, ,or at fine art center, continue my paintings…

Wow..I guess I have lots of things to do…

I just found Namie’s Want me, Want me MV, I love the song, and I love the MV, the lyrics are little unsuitable for minors but still nice song…

I need more JPop artist and songs to fill my emty little cutie mp3 player…


2 more days….

Wakakaka~~ this picture is sooo funnnyyyyyeeee~~~ ^o^

Yes~ So I guess everyone knows now! Wonder Girls “So Hot” PV came out!!! Its sooo cute~ I like Yoobin the best..her rap are soo good!!

2 more days..and I’ll be set free…

And I might change my plan on going to california during the summer T_T..cuz they said that california will have some huge earthquake..

It will be horrible when people are riding roller coaster and the earthquake come… it will be…very horrible..but if  they will be fantastic!

Tomorrow is the pig dissection…my friend said she have to pull out the pig’s intestine and cut it open…I should bring a mask with me..and a pair of gloves..

According to BoAmyJewel…Namie is going to release a BEST ALBUM! I’m sooooo happy~

I love Namie’s soft and strong…her voice doesnt crack even she sing really loud and high…

I cannot find many of her 90s singles..i hope it will be in the album…

I cleaned the house today…I’m becoming a perfectionist..thanks to my mother..and now she kinda turn into me…chaos ORZ

My room is sooo warm and small,,,its so small, you cannot put anything else except a single bed, a nightstand, and a drawer for casual clotings.. of course, there is a built in closet…

It will be better if my neighbor’s puppies wont bark at me..but I’d feel lonely without their barking..

I guess I will take the barkings as a support for my finals!




5 More Days…till my release from prison…

Awww this avatar is soo sad/cute! I feel sad for the little baby orange…


Now that being a “honest” student, I told my french teacher about her mistake on my grade…and now my french grade is 92%..Still an A but now an A+++…Luckily, I took a picture of that”127.25%” with my cell phone, and it helped to cheer me up, about how smart I was…

I’m having fun writting blog again! too bad I can’t write in my primary language…otherwise I can update my old blog again..

I just watched a JPop MV, its japanese Hip-Hop bangd “RIP SLYME”. The MV itself is a little…R rated, but the music is sooo COOL!! And I can’t help but say that the dancers are really sexy and pretty…the song is really really good..I just can’t find download link-_-.

Now let’s welcome—Nettaiya!!

The weather is actually pretty warm now, today is the last day for seniors, we said goodbye to them and gave our best least that’s what I hoped..

Now I’m really going to work hard next year! I want to get the highest G.P.A in my class so I can say the valedictorian in the graduation!!

I can’t wait to go back to California!!! To taste the ocean, to play with sand, to eat good food, ,to play at amusement park,  and to become myself!!!



Goals? Why not..-ω-

Ice Creams are always good<3 

My favorite Ice Cream flavor is Green Tea. I can’t desceribe how much I love them and how small and expensive they are…T_T

Well, today really is goin got be a work day;;; all my grades are at “dangerous level”

  • Math(I’ll do my best, my grades are always ended up to be at the same place befor efinals..and I never made the one I want it to be..)
  • History(No idea about the chapter test I just taken..I hope it won’t drop..just a teeny bit!!1 please god..please don’t let it drop…and 250 pages of reading are waiting for me now..)
  • English(Oh this is easy)
  • French(…I have a 127.23% now!! because teacher put the decimal in the wrong place…you can’t believe how happy I ws when I checked it..and then it just..)
  • P.E(Weight and Fitness have finals..sounds pretty hard,too..)
  • Biology(Pig dissect!!! cannot wait! I think I’ll get a good biology grade…) life looks so miserable…but the good thing is–Pa dadada~~~

BIG BANG new MV came out to comfort me!!


OMG the song is sooo catchy and cool!!! TOP’s little hairdo is kind werid..but I still love him!!!

I feel blessed, there are always something to make me happy in life

Please enjoy the happiness with me



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