Holla dude~I’m a cool pig, I wear sunglasses and I can talk~

I used to love those Korean Nong Shim Bowl Noodles(fast noodles) I love them sooo much that I can eat them all day long…

I’m a big fan of fast noodles, and sometimes I hear people say “OH I used to love those noodles but I ate too much, so now I’m sick of it.” I would go furious about thses statements!!! HOW LUCKY CAN YOU BE? TO EAT THAT MANY NOODLES? TO EAT THAT MUCH NOODLES THAT EVEN MAKES YOU SICK OF IT?


Oh Yea~this is the one I’m in love with…


And I feel sick of it now…I lost the unique taste of this precious noodle…I ate two bowls of them this morning and feel very sleepy.?

I guess my fast food days are over, because I start to eat fruits and veggies

or maybe that’s what adults called “grow ups” . O,.O



 For example, I used to love my rubber duckie…and now I no longer play with it while taking a bath


It’s really a cool duckie, it can float on water and if you squze its bottom, ,it will talk to you “QUAK QUAK QUAK”

I don’t know if I will abandon more of my treasure, like my teddy bear, my formal best friend gave it to me on the first xmas I spend in U.S. I always sleep

with it, OMG now think about it, I’m 16 already and sleep with teddy bear! Quelle Heurre!(I spelled it wrong)

I guess sometimes things are just there, come and go, the only thing that is always with you is your soul( I’m not that deep, I read it from a book)

And I don’t even have a soul, I don’t even know what a soul is, is that your idea? your religion? your hobbies? or your mind?

OMG! I never know someone is always with me, just like a twin sister or something…!!!


Talking nosense is a waste of electricity, time, and energy…



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