2 more days….

Wakakaka~~ this picture is sooo funnnyyyyyeeee~~~ ^o^

Yes~ So I guess everyone knows now! Wonder Girls “So Hot” PV came out!!! Its sooo cute~ I like Yoobin the best..her rap are soo good!!

2 more days..and I’ll be set free…

And I might change my plan on going to california during the summer T_T..cuz they said that california will have some huge earthquake..

It will be horrible when people are riding roller coaster and the earthquake come… it will be…very horrible..but if  they survived..it will be fantastic!

Tomorrow is the pig dissection…my friend said she have to pull out the pig’s intestine and cut it open…I should bring a mask with me..and a pair of gloves..

According to BoAmyJewel…Namie is going to release a BEST ALBUM! I’m sooooo happy~

I love Namie’s voice..so soft and strong…her voice doesnt crack even she sing really loud and high…

I cannot find many of her 90s singles..i hope it will be in the album…

I cleaned the house today…I’m becoming a perfectionist..thanks to my mother..and now she kinda turn into me…chaos ORZ

My room is sooo warm and small,,,its so small, you cannot put anything else except a single bed, a nightstand, and a drawer for casual clotings.. of course, there is a built in closet…

It will be better if my neighbor’s puppies wont bark at me..but I’d feel lonely without their barking..

I guess I will take the barkings as a support for my finals!





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